HOPI ear candles can improve your health

How? I here you ask.  Well let me share with you what HOPI candles are, how they work.

Where it all started…

Since ancient times, many cultures including the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, have used the traditional natural therapy of ear candling on a spiritual level.

HOPI Candles help to purify and cleanse the aura.  Hopi Ear Candling techniques, as we know them today, however, are believed to originate from the Native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona.

Interestingly, Hopi means ‘peaceful people’ and this gentle and soothing therapy is indeed well known for its calming and relaxing effects.

Ear candles are now widely used throughout the modern world for helping specific conditions and to still stressful minds.

Firstly let’s go over what they are…

Ear candles are cylinder shaped candles that are gently inserted into the ear, and allowed to burn down.  They are usually made of fabric soaked in wax or a mixture of substances, often paraffin and beeswax.

The candles we use, at LA Beauty, are soaked in honey, sage, St Johns Wort and chamomile.  This combination works as an anti-inflammatory and gentle anti-spasmodic sedative whilst stimulating the lymph and increasing circulation.

How do they work?

Ear candles work by removing wax, debris and bacteria from your ear canal.  This can help improve hearing and has so many other benefits; such as ease snoring, great for flights, the list goes on and on.

I often hear people say the wax in the candle is just the wax from the candle.  I have done candling for 18 years and I have seen candles with absolutely no wax inside and I have seen candles completely full.  Therefore I completely disagree with these people.

It is a beautiful treatment, extremely relaxing and you head/ears feel clearer too.

Who can do it?

Ear candling is usually done by a herbalist, massage therapist or a beauty therapist.  You should never try it on yourself, even if you know how to use an ear candle.  This will only increase your risk of injury.

Generally, the candle is inserted into the ear and is held by the therapist.  An ear candle practitioner might also place a towel on your head and neck, just in case any ash from the candle falls onto the client.

Here is how an ear candle is used:

  1. Your practitioner will have you lie on your side. One ear will be facing up.
  2. The pointed end of the candle is placed in your ear. The open end is lit.
  3. As the candle burns, it will be trimmed and kept open.
  4. No wax is allowed to drip into the ear or on the skin around the ear.
  5. The candle is burned for about 15 minutes
  6. The flame is carefully blown out.

After the procedure, the candle can be cut open to display the inside materials!!

Things to note

Hopi ear candling is a fabulous treatment, why not try it.  Just be careful.  I was always told that BIOSUN candles are the best version of HOPI candles.  I wonder if, sometimes, the negative vibes from some people are down to cheaper candles used for treatments.  It is always worth checking what candles are used.

More benefits

In addition to improved hearing, regular sessions of HOPI ear candles can improve;

  • sinus infection
  • headache
  • swimmer’s ear
  • cold
  • flu
  • sore throat
  • vertigo
  • hayfever

Ear Candling was originally used by tribes to cleanse the aura, the spiritual energy.

This treatment is one that you will book time and time again, as it is relaxing and calming – a great escape from our busy world.

That’s all for now

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Lots of love

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