LA Beauty is perfect for you if you are looking for somewhere you can feel relaxed, refreshed and revived. 

Our salon, we hope, is the perfect place for you.  Hopefully any questions are answered here, if not please contact us.

or email info@LABeautyanspa.co.uk

What is LA Beauty and Spa?

We have created a place for you to come and feel your absolute best.

LA Beauty is all about treating your body holistically.

It is somewhere you can leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and revived.

Do we really get the spa to our selves?

Absolutely!!  You are only disturbed to come for your treatments, or to be asked if you would like a drink.

What times are the spa?

We generally do a morning or an afternoon session.

Morning arrival: Usually 9am

Afternoon arrival: Usually 2.30pm

How do I book the spa?

Please fill in this form and we can sort your date out for you.

Alternatively text us on 07843686528 with the date and time you are looking at, how many people it is for, if it is for an occasion.

Why do we need to pre pay for the spa?

We ask you to pre pay for your spa, because the entire area is booked out, just for your party.  We would not be able to fill it.

Treatments are scheduled in and lunches are ordered in from another business.

What if I need to cancel the spa?

We appreciate things happen.  Please message us asap on 07843686528

Plenty of notice for cancelling, you can just move your day to another day.

48 hours notice, we only charge a booking fee of £25.  This is to cover charges we incur.

Less than 48 hours notice incurs full payment.


Do you only do spa days or do you do other treatments as well?
We primarily focus on spa days, however, we do other treatments.
Have a look at our price list here.
Is there parking?
You can park right outside the front of the salon.  If that is full try down the side.  
If both are full, please park in the car park up the road at Townend shops.  However you must give us your regustration number to avoid a fine.
What is the address?

LA Beauty and Spa

17 Worksop Rd

Aston, Sheffield,

S26 2EB


I love my reiki sessions with Louisa Ashforth and wouldn’t have them with anyone else- it HAS to be with louisa ❤️ 
I see chakra colours every single time and come out feeling relaxed and uplifted.
Even when I’m not having a reiki session and I’m having a facial her reiki comes through and I see colours the minute she touches my face! (always goes above and beyond with her treatments this one!)
I feel so comfortable, relaxed and open with louisa. I would highly recommend her for not just for Reiki but for any treatment ❤️❤️❤️ thankyou Louisa you really are the best and it shines through ❤️
Sonia Wilkinson