Why use a sauna or steam room?

They have become very popular over recent years.  However, they have been about since 1863, when the first Turkish steam room was introduced in the USA.

They can help with muscle pains and general relaxation.

Relax and unwind

Steam Room and Sauna benefits are often overlooked by many who see them as simply a way to relax and unwind.

Although, Sauna and Steam rooms are known to relax both your body and mind they also have many other benefits which many people are unaware of.

So, what are the steam room and sauna benefits?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you may not even realise.

This is such an easy thing to introduce into your life.  However, it can be life changing.  Sounds dramatic, I know, but it really can.  Try it and you will see what I mean.

At LA Beauty and Spa, we have the perfect hide away in our secret spa.  Here are the benefits, you may not think of:

Clears the skin

The Steam helps to clear skin impurities and can potentially be used to treat acne.

They can also help to improve circulation throughout the body.  This can give the skin a healthy glow making your skin look and feel great.

Relieves Tension

The heat from the sauna soothes your nerve endings and also relaxes your muscles.

A less well known benefit of saunas and steam rooms is that they can minimise joint pain.  Not only joint pain relief, they can also minimise the pain of headaches due to the high heat environment.  You also need to drink plenty of water when using the spa.  This, again, helps with headaches.

Removes Toxins

Steam Room and Sauna benefits the body by making your body sweat.

Sweating relieves the body of waste products, and it is known that sitting in a sauna or steam room for around twenty minutes can rid the body of the day’s sweat and waste products.  This is definitely a full body cleanse and detox.

Reduces Stress

The heat from the sauna causes the body to release endorphin’s and other ‘feel good’ chemicals.  These chemicals reduce the feeling of stress on the body.

Many people feel rejuvenated and calm after they leave sauna and steam rooms.  This helps people be ready to tackle the rest of the day.  Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  I am sure we can all benefit from this more often than we care to admit.

Post-workout Relaxation

After you have had a workout, it is beneficial to relax in Steam Room and Sauna.  Post exercise muscles are in desperate need of relaxation.  This is because it can aid quick and healthy recovery for your muscles.

When your muscles are relaxed this recovery process, which is vital for muscle gains is expedited and your muscles grow more quickly.

Can Aid Weight Loss

I bet you never thought of this one, did you?

Can you believe that frequent visits to steam room or saunas, more well known as a spa can potentially aid in weight loss.

It is well known it can get rid of water weight.

It is important to note, however, that this is not in replacement of a balanced diet and exercise.  Instead, something to be used alongside both.

Opens Sinuses

Heat from saunas and steam rooms opens and thins the mucus membranes all around your body.

Many people can notice their loosening mucus and can immediately breath easier.  This can, almost, be instantaneous from when they first enter a steam room or sauna.

With this in mind saunas and steam rooms can also be used to aid colds.  This is because they can stop blocked sinuses and help aid breathing.

Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

The bodies capillaries dilate when they are exposed to the heat of the sauna or steam room.

This allows blood to flow freely and easily throughout the body, transporting oxygen to all areas of the body which needs it.  An increase in blood flow or circulation in the body can help benefit the heart and the body’s muscles and arteries.  This makes everything work more efficiently.

Can Increase Flexibility

Steam rooms and saunas can help tired and stiff muscles making them more fluid and loose.  This can increase flexibility.  By having flexible muscles, it helps ease back troubles and muscle fatigue and tightness.

It Can be Fun!

Going to the sauna or steam room is not something that has to be done alone.

It is something that can be fun and social with friends.  This allows you time to talk and interact while receiving multiple health benefits.  When you come to LA Beauty and Spa, this is exactly what you get.

Relax and enjoy quality time with your friends or family or both.

I bet you want to visit a spa now?

I know how amazing spas can be, and how beneficial they can be too.  Such a simple addition to your life, but it can make massive impacts to you health and well being.

Lots of love

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