Spa days 

We all need some time to relax and there is nothing like a spa day to help…  If you have never been to a spa, it can be quite daunting.

However, at LA Beauty and Spa we like to make it different to the usual spa.

How do I mean?

Well, what I mean is the Spa isn’t shared.  Usually in a spa you have to have other people around you.  That is fine, but when you want to relax… how frustrating is it when you are listening to someone else’s conversation!  Or if they are listening to yours.

At LA Beauty you just don’t have to.

The spa is all yours!  Just your party, so it is pure luxury for you.

Different types of day spa treatments

The spa and wellness movement is a worldwide phenomenon and becoming more and more popular.

Treatment choices will vary from place to place.  However, the fundamentals of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit as part of a treatment tend not to change, being heat, pressure, oil, herbals, and ambiance.

At LA Beauty that is exactly what you get, pure relaxation.

Have a look at our spa packages.

I bet you want to visit a spa now?

I know how amazing spas can be, and how beneficial they can be too.  Such a simple addition to your life, but it can make massive impacts to you health and well being.

I often describe spas and massages, as life changing.  Just come and see for yourself.

Lots of love

That’s all for now.  If you want to know more about our packages at LA Beauty, have a look here.

Here’s our spa packages:

Spa Packages

Any questions, just ask…

Much love.

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