Why have a facial I hear you ask?  Really??

If you really don’t know, here are a few reasons why a facial is one of the best treatments you can treat yourself too.

Your face is, of course, unique to you, it is the first thing people see when they meet you and the first impression that they have of you, so it is no wonder that facials are so popular. From having glowing clear skin, to supporting acne reduction and helping to halt the signs of ageing, Facials are great for everyone and the best can be found at LA beauty Day Spa.

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To inspire you to treat yourself to this amazing beauty treatment, we have put together what we think are the most amazing reasons for you to get a facial:

Your skin will feel clean

There is no greater feeling then having skin that is beautifully clean and refreshed. One of the biggest benefits to having a facial is that it is going to deeply cleanse your face.

This helps take away all of the dirt, debris and build up that has to take up residence on your skin.

Reduces stress

So, a facial is going to help your skin to feel amazing, this is a given.  But, what you may not realise is that the process of having a facial can actually be a huge stress buster too.

Think of it this way, you are getting to lay down, in a darkened room, with absolutely nothing to distract you.  What better way to relax is there than that?

A facial will boost your circulation

Massage improves the blood circulation within your body and one of the aspects of a facial is having the skin massaged.

As the circulation is improved, the cells within your skin will be sent lots more oxygen and plenty more nutrients which all come together to give you a healthy glow.

It reduces the signs of aging

Aging skin (or should that be people noticing the signs of ageing skin on you) is a worry for many of us.

This can often mean that we spend our time finding ways to ensure that our skin looks as youthful as possible.  Many facials are designed to help to prevent ageing and to ensure that you look and feel as young as possible.

This is particularly true if you arrange for a more regular facial, as this will help to promote the development of all-important collagen within the skin of your face.

Facials can help with acne and other skin conditions

For some people, it doesn’t matter how well we look after our skin or try to use the right products, there are still issues that mean that it doesn’t look as good as it should.

This is very true for skin issues such as acne.  Not only is acne hard to treat (and prevent if you are someone who suffers from it) but you can also find that it is noticeable and zaps your confidence.  Acne care can be boosted with a facial on a regular basis as not only does it help to keep the skin clean and fresh, but it also can have acne friendly creams and serums worked into the treatment to help with this issue.

As you can see, there are so many reasons that you might want to book in for a facial that we are wondering what you are still doing here? Arrange one today and we can promise you that you will feel the benefit.

Lots of love

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